Nationwide Trends and Staging Statistics

Type of Home

Days on Market

Average Days to Pending
Status After Staging

Equity Increase

Homes Listed for Sale Prior to Staging
(These homes were not Staged for sale, listed and did not sell.
Homes then Staged by a professional and SOLD).

136 days
(4.5 months)

7.6 days
Up to 20 times faster
than un-Staged homes!

3% minimum or $26,000 average
(As much as 50% and $500,000 in some markets)

Homes Listed for Sale After Staging

32-42 days
(for un-Staged,
comparable homes)

6.8 days
2-3 times faster!

3% minimum or $26,000 average
(As high as 50% and $500,000 in some markets)

Why should I stage my home?

You could be thinking “It's clean and the rooms are large-any buyer will see that if I just move out and clean the place!”

Potential buyers want to know if their furniture will work in your home. It is difficult for most people to imagine how a sofa, chair, coffee table, etc. will fit into a living room without seeing it all in place when they tour your home. A home with beautiful furnishings adds value as the buyer will "picture" your home in all its final glory with furnishings and décor that may be nicer than their own... in other words, staging increases the "perceived value" of your property to the buyer which generates a higher selling price!

What is the process to get a home staged?

The first step is to develop a staging plan. First we do a walk-through of your home with you and your Realtor... starting at the street curb! This plan will list by room:

  • What repairs are needed, if needed
  • What painting is needed, if any
  • What furniture should stay, and the hard part ... what should go
  • What furniture should be added, if any
  • What window treatments should stay, go or be replaced.

From here we will give you a complete list of actions to be taken by you or by us before the home can be held open and shown to the market.

How much will this cost?

The cost of your staging will be based on the requirements detailed in the furniture plan. The cost is based on:

  1. The list of repairs and who will do them
  2. The painting requirements and who will perform this
  3. The replacement items such as carpet and window treatments
  4. The need for new furnishings and accessories that we will provide

Our staging fee includes:

  1. Up front cost of performing any repairs or painting, detailed by location
  2. Monthly furniture rental fee, detailed by room
  3. Move-in/Move-out costs which are billed at our cost to hire the professionals
  4. Staging services fee - a flat rate based on the size and scope of the project. Designer time is billed at $130/hour, and design assistant is billed at $70/hour.

How long will it take to stage my home?

The time required to stage the home is dependent on the following factors:

  • What repairs are needed, if needed
  • What painting is needed, if any
  • What furniture we bring into your home

Typically a 3-bedroom home takes 2-3 weeks to stage from the date of the first walk-through to the first open house. If carpet must be replaced, or major painting must occur, this time can be longer based on scheduling professionals to complete the work. You will receive this estimate once we have done the walk-through of your property.

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